Alternative Medicine: Yay Or Nay?

Alternative medicine is used to describe any practices that try to provide healing like medicine, but it lacks medical plausibility though it is untested or proven to be ineffective. Examples of alternative medicines are naturopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, etc.

There have been debates on using alternative medicines; some people believe it’s harmful, while some support its usage. After examining all the reviews,  there is a high percentage of positive over negative reviews. You can visitonbuy reviewsto check this out or take your time to critically study reviews about shopsfor more knowledge about alternative medicines.

Why Do People Use Alternative Medicine?

There are various reasons people use alternative medicines; it may be for prevention, relaxation, pain reduction, etc. Although there is no concrete evidence that alternative medicines perform all these functions, people use them, indicating that it helps to some extent. Below are the reasons why people use alternative medicines;

  1. It makes them feel better: most people use alternative medicines because it makes them feel better while going through pains. Some alternative medicines focus on pain and stress reduction; some also help calm your nerves, reduce anxiety, and reduce your general health status. Since it makes people feel better, some doctors and nurses support their usage since they believe that positive emotions improve people’s health.
  2. It reduces symptoms or side effects: There is substantial evidence that some alternative medicines can help control symptoms of some diseases, and it can also help manage Side effects. For instance, Acupuncture helps relieve sore mouth after treating neck cancer; it also relieves people of sickness associated with some chemotherapy drugs. It also helps to reduce pain after surgery.
  3. It does not have negative side effects: when you use mainstream medicine like paracetamol, you get rid of your headache, but its usage has some side effects such as nausea of hallucination; hardly will you see a mainstream medicine without one or two side effects. Meanwhile, alternative medicines do not have all these negative side effects, and this positive feature makes the usage of alternative medicine safer than mainstream medicine.
  4. It focuses on the cause of the pain: alternative medicines are designed to get to the root of the cause of the pain that occurred. It focuses more on the root of the diseases rather than the symptoms.


With all the positive features listed above,  we can infer that alternative medicine Is effective and should be trusted. A significant percentage of Americans believe that You can cure cancer through alternative medicine alone. This further shows how effective it is. To be on the safer side, talk to your medical practitioner before using any alternative medicine. Your doctor tends to prescribe a better one for you. Some of the best alternative medicine you can use include Acupuncture, which helps with mild pain, art or music therapy helps improve your mood and enhance your quality of life, and massage, which decreases stress, body pain, depression, and anxiety.

The claim that You should not trust alternative medicine because it is not scientifically proven is nullified because most mainstream medicines are also not scientifically proven, but doctors prescribe them anyway. With its fast growth and positive review, alternative medicine is very effective and should be given a high level of trust.

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