Breakfast meals ideas perfect for a long day

The first meal of the day is very important to us! A healthy but full breakfast is a goal we all set for ourselves, but unfortunately, we do not always pay attention to every food.

If you’ve been wondering what to eat for breakfast to run at full capacity all day, you should know that apples, potatoes, tomatoes, dark chocolate, and oranges are among the most recommended foods on

Breakfast can be a healthy, quick, and satisfying treat and it’s important not to skip breakfast. This is the best way to stimulate your metabolism and provide the nutrients you need to satisfy your hunger and help you focus better throughout the day. Also, you can cook delicious breakfast recipes in a fast and healthy way.

Why breakfast is so important

Breakfast not only gives you the energy you need to start your day successfully, but it also has many health benefits. Here are some reasons why breakfast is important:

  • stimulation and acceleration of metabolism – metabolism helps burn calories and fat in the body and is activated by regular and frequent meals. Therefore, eating breakfast in the early hours of the morning helps to stimulate and accelerate metabolic processes.
  • increases the intake of nutrients – because breakfast stimulates the metabolism, more nutrients will be retained in the body, and the amounts of vitamins, fiber, and minerals are higher
  • prevents the onset of hunger – as the intake of nutrients is high, a hearty breakfast gives you a feeling of satiety and thus prevents the onset of hunger during the day
  • improves memory and concentration – eating breakfast in the morning increases the intake of nutrients that the body and brain need to focus better and improve our memory.
  • maintains optimal weight – due to the stimulation of metabolism, calories, and fats in the body are burned, not stored. This will make it much easier for you to maintain an optimal weight if you do not skip breakfast.

Breakfast helps you to have energy in the first part of the day, the moment when the body is rested after a good night’s sleep and you have the best chances to give a high yield to whatever you set out to do. You will focus better, as you have just received an important dose of nutrients that stimulate brain activity. Also, starting your daily activity on an empty stomach can lead you, in a few hours, to a state of frustration due to hunger and it is very likely to resort to more consistent and unhealthy snacks.

Breakfast is important at any age, but especially for growing children is a sure way to harmonious development. If you don’t eat in the morning, your children won’t either. Start with your example so that you can teach your children good habits that will protect their health in the long run.

Ideas for healthy breakfast

If you don’t know what to eat in the morning, here are some quick, hearty, and healthy breakfast ideas that you can prepare in less than 30 minutes:

  • toast with guacamole
  • egg muffins with cheese and spinach
  • egg and mozzarella sandwich â
  • boiled egg with toast

Potatoes are recommended because Potato starch lowers cholesterol Potatoes are rich in minerals. Tomatoes can also be eaten in the morning because:

  • Improve digestion consumed at breakfast;
  • Tomatoes speed up metabolism.

Here’s what you can eat in the morning for a healthy breakfast: an omelet with two eggs, a few nuts, and two tomatoes; A salad of various vegetables with olives, two boiled eggs, and a little meat; A can of fish with cucumbers and tomatoes; Raw hazelnuts and berries; Half an avocado with cheese and two slices of wholemeal bread. A very easy to prepare breakfast can be prepared in advance and is super nutritious and hearty. Oatmeal provides sustained-release energy and is an excellent source of fiber.

If you have a full day or you woke up late and don’t have time to prepare your breakfast, there is a very good alternative. You can order food from one of the restaurants on the list of delivery food companies. This way you can enjoy a nutritious breakfast. For example, you can use Steaks And Game for tasty dishes.

What to avoid for breakfast

It is not recommended to eat yogurt or oranges in the morning.

Yogurt is not indicated on an empty stomach because it increases acidity. Oranges eaten on an empty stomach can irritate the stomach and cause gastritis. For lunch, you can eat nuts, rice, meat, or bananas.

Many prefer to drink a glass of juice in the morning, but it is toxic to the stomach. Over time, excessive consumption can even cause esophageal cancer.

Sugar is easily digested, but it also has a toxic effect in the morning. When sugar reaches the empty stomach, our body cannot secrete enough insulin to maintain a normal blood level. The constant consumption of sweets for breakfast is guaranteed with time to the appearance of eye diseases. Those who often consume sugar on an empty stomach can also develop diabetes.


Are you not used to eating in the morning and you can’t sit at the table to have breakfast? Eating habits are also educated. To get to do this, don’t think about solid food from the beginning, you can take it step by step. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it must provide you with the energy you need for the whole day. This is the main reserve of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients you need throughout the day so that you do not feel weak and energized.

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