Common questions about hair transplantation 

FUE hair transplant and other hair transplant techniques are used to address hair lossin both men and women. Well, in this write up we intend to answer the most common questions asked by individuals related to the hair transplant method. 

  • Is hair transplantation for men only? 

Both men and women experience hair loss. However, in general, FUE hair transplant has become more popular among men. But it is a common method that is widely used for women who suffer from male-patter hair loss. 

  • How do they extract donor hair follicles? 

In general, the patient’s follicular units will be extracted from his or her donor area. The extracted follicles will then be transplanted into the required areas (the areas that require more hair). Well, the human body is likely to respond negatively to the follicles extracted from another person. Also, if the hair loss is severe and there is no adequate donor hair is present, FUE hair transplant might not be your best option. 

  • What is the age limit to receive a hair transplant? 

In general, individuals between ages 20 to 50 are the ideal candidates for hair transplantation. However, this age limit is not a hard and fast rule. That means, even the slightly older individuals can go for a hair transplant. Nevertheless, the changes to the appropriate age limit will be determined by the professional who carries out the hair transplantation. 

  • How long will it take for the transplantation to become effective? 

You will start to notice a minor hair loss in the area where the hair is transplanted. But don’t worry. The transplanted hair will start to grow once again at the completion of the shedding. Well, you should give at least 12-15 months for the transplanted follicles to grow as normal hair. 

If you are planning to get hair transplantation, it is very important to go for a highly professional, qualified surgeon. Your surgeon will recommend the type of transplantation you should go for. Also, you must follow the post-procedure instructions without making any mistakes if you expect the best outcome of the procedure. 

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