Dr. Bak Nguyen Set To Officially Launch its Alpha Dentistry Books Franchise

Founder of Mdex & Co, Dr. Bak Nguyen, officially launches The Alpha Dentistry books franchise, an initiative to democratize the science and dental medicine

Dr. Bak of Mdex & Co., a revolutionary brand in the dental field, is reiterating his commitment to promoting the dental field as he recently launched the Alpha Dentistry book franchise. The project aims to empower the era of collaboration and sharing that Alphas have been laying out since March 2020, starting with 9 volumes of quality content and resources based on FAQ in different fields of Dental Medicine.

Link to the website https://baknguyen.com/faq

The Alpha Dentistry is a collaborative effort, with Dr. Bak working with 9 other expert doctors from different countries, different generations, and fields of expertise to deliver a unique experience to readers. In a related development, the final version stands, not as another expert opinion but as close as possible to the wisdom of the crowd – a crowd of international experts. The book is in process and will be ready by the end of spring 2022.

In short, we are having dentists sitting down to answer the most frequently asked question of the biggest audience there is the web! Doing so, it is like going to the dentist and asking your questions, only this time, you will have access to many different doctors, all answering the same questions. You were looking for a second or third opinion, well, here are 10! 

It is important to specify that the ALPHA DENTISTRY franchise does not aim to diagnose your condition, rather, it excels in explaining the why and the how of your questions and different conditions. The ALPHA DENTISTRY books are more informational orientated. That said, you now have access to knowledge that usually, will only be shared within a medical and dental conversation or at what is taught in specialized conventions. 

The audio version of these books will be available for free to everyone worldwide, hosted by Emotive World, Dr. Bak’s tech company. The combo paperback/audiobooks will be available for purchase on Amazon. The paperback version and ebook will also be on sale on Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, and even Audible if selected. The ASSEMBLED VERSION (with all the international authors) will be available worldwide for download to both dentists and patients, for free once registered, and also from the Emotive World’s servers.

Members of the dental profession are also invited to join the future edition of these books, contributing as guest authors in upcoming versions of these volumes. This is a movement to chart a new course in the dental field, dentists are contributors and guest authors, with chapters published in their names in the Alpha Dentistry, ultimately establishing them as international experts in their field.

The Alpha Dentistry covers different aspects of the dental science and medical field, including Orthodontics, Implantology, Oral and Global Medicine, Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Dental Surgery, Endodontics, and Denture.

Dr. Bak is among The Alphas to reinvent themselves to save the economy and the dental industry. He is joined by some world’s leading experts, thinkers, and drivers who collectively pave the way for a flourishing future through motivation, inspiration, and knowledge. Dr. Bak is a cosmetic dentist, CEO, and founder of Mdex & Co. His company is revolutionizing the dental field. As a speaker and motivator, he holds several world records, the biggest being the world record of writing 100 books in 4 years. He has also authored several books on different topics, including entrepreneurship, leadership, quest for identity, dentistry and medicine parenting, children’s books, and philosophy.

For further information about The Alpha Dentistry and other works from Dr. Bak Nguyen, visit – https://baknguyen.com/. He can also be found across social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

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