‘Earn your Easter eggs’: Chris demonstrates a body weight workout routine | Health

Chris Hemsworth is a fitness enthusiast. The actor, when not playing characters for the screen, is usually spotted in his garden or in the gym, working out in animal mode. Be it an intense workout routine or a kickboxing session with his fitness partner for company, the actor knows how to get us motivated with each and every snippet that he shares on his Instagram profile. Chris is also the founder of a fitness-related app called Centr. The actor keeps sharing tips and tricks that should be followed to stay fit.

Easter was celebrated throughout the world on April 17 this year. The actor, who also observed the day, celebrated it in a completely different way. Chris, instead, chose to celebrate the festival through an intense routine of high intensity workout. From switch to plank, Chris shared a short video of multiple workout routines that can be done without equipment. In the video, Chris started his day by performing Switch in an open space for around 30 seconds. Dressed in a black T-shirt and a black pair of gym trousers, Chris can be seen being engrossed in his routine, while one of his fitness partners can be seen in the background following his routine. This is the workout routine performed by Chris in the video:

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Switch – 30 seconds

Plank get up – 20 seconds

Burpee – 30 seconds

Toe Crunch – 20 seconds

Mountain climber to elbow – 30 seconds

V-seat Bent knee – 20 seconds

Prisoner squat – 30 seconds

Flutter kick – 20 seconds

Plank jack and pushup – 30 seconds

Jump lunge – 20 seconds

Chris further added that breaks of 20 seconds should be taken in between the exercises. A break of 60 seconds should be taken after completion of the entire routine and they should be repeated 4 times. “Earn your easter eggs this easter and smash out this superset body weight workout,” wrote Chris.

High intensity workouts come with multiple health benefits. They help in burning a lot of calories and losing fat. They also help in regulating the heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar. High intensity routine also helps in improving the oxygen consumption of the body.