Free Gym In Edmond Working Out The Body Physically & Spiritually

Christ Fit Gym opened in Edmond a little less than a year ago, impacting the body and the soul.  

“Our goal is to reach people through physical fitness for Jesus Christ,” said Stephen Davenport with Christ Fit Oklahoma.  

Davenport heard about the free gym while living in Louisianna.  

“I cancelled my ten dollar a month membership and started coming to a free gym and low and behold I found Christ,” said Davenport.  

After working with the gym for about a year, the owners encouraged him to start a second location in Oklahoma City.  

“I kind of laughed in his face, I was like there is no way. I’m not going to leave my full-time job, where I have a pension, I have benefits, I’ve got job security,” said Davenport.  

Eventually Davenport and his wife made the move and now the Edmond gym is changing lives.  

“We tried it out for the first time and I instantly loved it. It’s just a small tight knit community, where anybody, like non-believers, believers can just come in and feel like part of a group,” said Ashleigh White, who works out at the gym.  

Each class starts with a short bible study and prayer, then workouts start on every level.  

“You know they really see that any fitness level can come in here and exercise and people are going to push themselves as hard as they want to. There’s a lady that I train, she’s 85 years old and she kills it,” said Davenport.  

“People like to go to the gym, people like to work out, it’s comradery. It’s something that people can come work out and there’s no pressure at all,” said Gus Olson, who works out at the gym.  

Everything, including the classes, are free. All supported by donations and profits from their thrift store.  

“At the end of the day God doesn’t care how many burpees I can do or how strong I am you know he cares about my relationship with him,” said Davenport.  

 “You come and you get a devotional, you get prayer, and you get a really good workout,” said Olson.  

Classes are held Monday through Saturday at 9 a.m. and Monday through Thursday at 5:30 p.m. There is no registration, participants simply sign a waiver and join in the fun.  

Visit their Facebook page for more information 

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