Get the help you deserve with the scales from Tanita

Al lot of people want to be healthy and put the work in to become healthy. Health is not, however, defined by how skinny you are. Sometimes being skinny is really not healthy at all. This is why weighing yourself on a normal scale is not always the right move. Every body distributes its weight in another way. This might make it hard for you to lose weight or get in shape, if you don’t know what you need to focus on. Tanita scales are way more detailed than any other scale and will help you in your journey to become more healthy. Are you curious as to how the scales work? Then please keep on reading!

What does Tanita stand for?

Tanita is a company that knows that everyone is built differently and distributes their weight differently. They want to help you get more insight into your body. This insight will help you become more healthy, while staying happy as you know what is happening to and in your body. And this is precisely what Tanita stands for: a happier and healthier society. They want people to be happy while getting in shape.

Different scales for everyone

medical scale from Tanita will help you get more insight into your body. These scales work with BIA-technology. This stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. BIA will help you assess your unique body composition. Tqanita combines this BIA-technology with their 4C methodology. With this method they divide your body weight into four elements: protein, minerals, body water and fat content. If you can look at these four elements separately you can adjust your work-out accordingly. This will help you with your process, as you know what to focus on.

Different scales for everyone

Tanita has developed different scales for everyone. One of these scales is the body composition scale. This scale is perfect for people who not only want to know their weight, but also their water, muscle and fat level. It’s important to know this when you are trying to achieve a goal. For example, as you start working out, your muscle mass might increase. This is a good sign that you are on the right path. It’s possible that your weight will remain the same or even increase, though. This can be very frustrating, but if you know your muscle mass is increasing, you know where the weight is coming from.



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