Here’s How You Can Add Mango To Your Weight Loss Diet

Mangoes are full of micronutrients and fibre

Summer is here and we know how much we are going to crave mangoes this season. We love this fruit but many of us stop ourselves from indulging in it. Why? It’s often believed that mango is not good for a weight loss diet. Nothing can be farther from the truth. You can easily include mangoes in your diet. Mangoes offer a vast range of health benefits. And here’s a perfect way of including mangoes in your weight loss diet. Nutrition by Lovneet, a nutrition-based Instagram page, shares the tips. Take a look:

1. Control your portions: Mangoes are full of micronutrients and fibre, you can safely eat them even on a diet, provided you eat them in small portions and don’t go bingeing on them. Nothing is good when you do it in excess. Consuming mangoes in excess or just limiting your diet to mangoes will not have any positive effects.

2. Don’t eat with or after a meal: A lot of Indians eat mangoes in the form of aam ras or just slices with lunch or dinner. Eating with a meal can make you consume more calories. Eat it as a snack: Indulge in a cup of mango as a healthy snack. Mangoes are a great snack as they are rich in dietary fibre. Mango can also serve as an energy booster. Thus, making it a great pre-workout food. It can also be had as a yoghurt parfait or smoothie for breakfast. 

3. Eat in whole form: Juicing mangoes removes the fibre from them, which makes them less satiating or filling. Eat your mangoes to make use of them as a filling snack.

 Take a look at this post:

Earlier, Nutrition by Lovneet shared the different types of summer drinks to rejuvenate our bodies during the hot months. The post suggested drinks like Sattu sherbet, buttermilk, cucumber juice, bael juice and tender coconut water. All these drinks are rich sources of nutrients and hydration during summers. 

Follow these tips to enjoy your summer in a healthy way.

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