International No Diet Day: How to lose weight naturally without going on a diet | Health

International No Diet Day 2022: Going on a diet is initially an exciting idea with the prospect of losing inches and an aim of looking better. But considering most of the diets are not sustainable, they often fail which leads to a gradual drop in motivation and even affects your mental health. Studies suggest how most of the diets lead to weight loss but the desired effects disappear after a year. Instead of going on a diet and forgoing your favourite food, it is best to stick to a healthy lifestyle overall which has the right combination of exercising, nutritious food and a plan to sleep better. (Also read: Gaining weight due to water retention? Easy tips to get rid of water weight naturally)

International No Diet Day is observed on May 6 every year and was first started by Mary Evans in 1992. The purpose of the day was to help men and women around the world to appreciate their own. The day aims to tackle tough issues regarding diet and body awareness.

Looking a certain way shouldn’t be your idea of losing that extra flab, the motivation should be to stay healthy for life. Dietitian Garima Goyal in an interview with HT Digital says bringing little changes to your lifestyle, routine, diet and activity status can help you lose weight in a healthy way unlike a fad diet that affects your long-term health.

This ‘No Diet Day’, Garima Goyal shares some science-backed ways that could help you lose some weight without going on a diet.

1. No screen, eat mindfully!

First and foremost, make sure you are not distracted whenever you sit down to eat. Which means, no screen time at all during meals. It is often seen that people who watch TV or use mobiles while eating, usually end up eating more than they require. So, eating mindfully is the key!

2. Use smaller plates

Another brilliant way to eat exactly how much you require and not in excess is to use smaller plates. We end up serving ourselves bigger portion sizes when using larger plates. And once the extra food is on your plate, you’ll definitely end up eating extra calories.

3. Drink water

There might be occasions when just after having a big meal, you would end up with unusual hunger pangs all over again. Most often than not, those ‘hunger pangs’ are due to a need of water, and is misinterpreted as a need for more food. For a faster and natural weight loss, make sure you drink adequate water.

4. Avoid liquid calories

The easiest way to have a lot of calories is to drink them up. Juices, colas, soft-drinks, shakes, sodas etc all sound tempting, but should be a strict no-no. They won’t just add up to extra calories, but would also lead to a spike in the blood sugar levels, increasing the risk for diabetes.

5. Move more

As repetitive as it may sound, the importance of this advice can’t be stressed enough. Moving more doesn’t mean the time spent gymming or doing your regular physical activity, it means all the time of your day except that. Long hours of sitting promote adipogenesis, i.e. the formation of fat cells in the body. The solution? Take frequent breaks, do your own little chores like going to the kitchen to drink water, break into regular one-minute exercises like jumping jacks or squats in between your study or work hours.

All these changes look insignificant, but would make a very huge impact on your health, says Garima Goyal.