Meet Dr Heavenly Kimes – A Black Female Dentist You Should Know

If you live on the East Coast, or travel there often, then there is nothing wrong with knowing the best Black dentist to visit if you have dental needs. Dr. Heavenly Kimes is a Black female dentist you should know, and she can definitely keep you smiling in more ways than one.  Here’s your chance to meet Dr Heavenly Kimes, if you haven’t already.

Recently Keri Hilson shared her dating preferences with us on IG, and the topic of dental care gritted right into the conversation! She basically said she will not date a man with crooked teeth because it’s a “quick fix”, and I’m sure Dr. Heavenly Kimes would agree.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes, D.D.S., is a Black female dentist, author, inspirational speaker, businesswoman, and one of the many beautiful Black stars of the hit reality tv series Married to Medicine on Bravo. Heavenly is a native of Florida and was born on November 17, 1970.

After she finished high school, she enrolled at Florida’s A&M University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology minoring in Chemistry and Military Science. She went on to attend Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated in the top 10% in her class with a Doctorate in dental surgery in 1998.

After finishing her studies, Dr. Heavenly attended an AEGD program in Memphis, Tennessee and was employed as an associate dentist for three years. After that she started her own practice, Smiles by Dr. Heavenly, in Duluth, Georgia, where she practices currently.

As the CEO of her own practice, she has expanded her business and opened over nine other branches, seven of which she has sold. She has accumulated over 500 hours of Continuing Education credits and is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Georgia Dental Society.

Dr. Heavenly is also an accomplished author. In 2005, she co-published the best-selling self-help book ‘Wake Up….Live the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success’. in 2012, she put out her second book, ‘Business Prescription’.  At the Dr. Heavenly University, a curriculum that includes techniques that inspire and educate new entrepreneurs on how to conduct their businesses is provided. Tying in her gift as a motivational speaker, she has provided assistance to young business owners using her down-to-earth style, strategic expertise, and proven credentials to prosper in their respective industries.

In 2016, she launched a new dating app named PIQ, which she debuted on an episode of Married to Medicine.

Dr. Heavenly became Mrs. Kimes when she married Dr. Damon Kimes, M.D. Her relationship with her husband, as well as her children, is displayed on Married to Medicine where she started out as a guest cast member who appeared for dental consults, a friend, and a guest speaker at conventions.

Married to Medicine chronicles the lives of seven Black women from Atlanta, in which some are the wives of doctors, and the others are doctors themselves. Dr. Heavenly is the only dentist of the cast members.

Heavenly became a main cast member starting the second season and remains a tremendous part of the show, and some would say she makes the show, I know I would! Here we got more of Dr. Heavenly and her husband “Daddy” as she calls him, what her beliefs are when it comes to marriage, her sometimes in your face behavior, her straightforward approach, and her genuine love for all she comes in contact with.

The show has been broadcasting for nine seasons to date and they are filming the newest season now, but there is no information on when it is set to air on Bravo. Previous seasons can be streamed on Bravo.

Dr. Heavenly also has her own YouTube channel where she discusses trending topics, politics, and gives advice. With several years of experience, she is one of the most trusted and gifted dentists in Atlanta, and you should go check her out whenever you are in the area. You can also follow her on Twitter, IG, and Facebook. Dr. Heavenly Kimes is just as beautiful on the inside as the outside, has an amazing personality, and is a boss in all her many professions.

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