Recommendations before opting to a facelift

Are you planning to get a facelift Toronto done? If so, the following points will be important for you. These points will be discussed by your skin specialist as well but it is always good to have a better understanding of it before visiting the skin clinic. 

  • Facelift Toronto will not be recommended for those who suffer from serious health conditions. Also, the ideal candidate must be in good mental health. 

  • You should not get a facelift if you have diabetes and highblood pressure as they expose you to risks of complications. 

  • Smoking and the use of tobacco will maximize the potential for various post-surgical complications. It can prolong the healing time as well. So, you must be prepared to stop smoking if you plan to undergo a facelift. 

  • A facelift doesn’t stop the natural aging process. Instead, it makes you look younger than the actual age. 

  • You can expect better results if you have a good bone structure with good skin elasticity. 

  • You are not supposed to take aspirin or any other blood-thinning medications at least one week before surgery. 

Things you must know about recovery time

Here are some of the things you should know about the recovery time after undergoing facelift surgery. 

In general, the patients will notice somewhat of discomfort. However, the medications are there to relieve the tenderness they might experience. After about two days, bruising and swelling will be significantly noticeable. More importantly, those conditions can last for a couple of days. 

You can expect recovery within about 14 days. However, you are not supposed to engage in intense physical activities for about 4 weeks. 

The structures placed on the face will be removed within 5-10 days. You must make sure that all the incisions and bandages are maintained in a dry condition. Also, the patient must be able to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon. 

Don’t worry about the numbness on the muscles as it is completely normal. The scars on the face can even take up to one year to fade away. 

Last but not least, avoid alcohol consumption to promote the healing time after the surgery.