Shock your body to the next fitness level with EMS Denver- Joana’s Fitness Fix



Sponsored Segment by EMS Denver

This new workout will “shock” you in so many ways. AFAA Fitness Trainer and GDC host Joana Canals, tried this out and raves about how good you feel after 20 minutes. Pods are attached to each muscle group and hooked to a machine that essentially activates your entire body with electricity. It is called Electro Muscle Stimulation. Once activated you add workout movements and after 20 minutes you have achieved as much as you would in two hours in the weight room. Another benefit…super friendly on the joints since there is no impact or weight. EMS Denver owners and trainers come to you. You only need to do it once a week and the levels can be catered for anyone. This is for athletes, golfers, new moms, people recovering from surgery, people with busy work schedules, even the older population. Buy a workout package and get an additional workout free. Go to or call them at 214-215-2889