Vaping – Best and Healthy Alternative of Smoking

We think we are healthy. Many of us think that almost daily, that our body is healthy and we are all good. But is that really the case? Are we really as healthy as we should be?

Many people are unaware of this very simple but extremely major fact that around 70% of the newly diagnosed cases in the medical world are caused by smoking. Reading this article, remember you were sitting with your friend last night who smokes a lot. A fact to smoking, the harm of it not only comes to the person smoking but to those as well who are around that person.

Most often than not, the people who are around a smoker for a prolonged period of time suffer from chronic lung diseases and cardiovascular illnesses.

In this article, we will talk about the effects of smoking on our health and on the health of those who are around us at any given time of the day and the alternate method with which anyone can get rid of their habit of smoking.

Smoking, Alternatives, and More:


Smoking can cause us severe harm and not even only us, but the people who are around us, may it be our family, friends, coworkers, or whoever. The fact that smoking can kill is there. 

Many smokers are aware that smoking is slowly but surely killing their bodies so why they don’t do anything about it? Simple, because they are unaware of the alternatives of smoking which are less harmful and even provide more flavor. Many brands our there produce an amazing product known as Electronic cigarette which uses an electronic liquid to create a facade of smoking. 

This liquid is a marvelous invention as it does create the illusions of smoking but allows no harm to the body unless tempered with. Vape pens and vaping have one too many benefits. It not only helps many constant smokers and chain smokers in breaking their habit of smoking but also does not provide any harm to the people nearby of the users. 

Vape nz is simply amazing and has been certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administrative) as an alternative to smoking. 


Healthwise, smoking can cause us one too many diseases that might include ailments such as cardiovascular disorders, lung diseases, anxiety, depression, nervous breakdown, and even kidney and mouth (gum and jaws) diseases. 

There are many fearsome diseases which are caused by constant smoking because of the toxic chemicals present in cigarettes and so on. This is exactly why breaking the habit of smoking is extremely necessary. And vaping is the best method to break this nasty habit with fun as well since vape offers many amazing flavors.



All in all, considering the above-mentioned factors and negatives of smoking, we hope that if you are trying to get rid of the habit of smoking, you succeed and if you aren’t trying, you should. It will prolong your life and give you satisfaction, smoking could never.

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