What is the best gym equipment to have in your home?

When we hear the word gym, a lot of o people automatically conjure up images of sweat, laborious breathing, bulging muscles, and even some tears (once in a while). In all truth, the gymnasium has become a symbol of discipline, self-sacrifice, self-control, and taking charge of one’s life and health. This is because the human body was originally designed for physical activities, and it showed in the lifestyle of our ancestors who were more of the outdoor people – hunting, gathering, moving from place to place, and just being physically active as part of everyday life.


Thankfully, humans today do not need to walk for miles before accessing food, neither do we need to fight off wild animals to protect our children and families. As man evolved, he took charge of his environment, building and developing things to serve his purpose and make him more comfortable. This comfort, although quite welcome, has led to the development of a different challenge, as man became increasingly sedentary due to the ease of access to the major needs of life, leading to an increase in health challenges caused by increase in weight gain across a large number of people.


The gymnasium, therefore, serves as a man’s conscious effort to take charge of his health, by engaging in physical activities to not just lose weight but keep fit for his mental, physical, emotional, and psychological wellness. There are also some individuals, such as athletes and professional bodybuilders, who require supplements and products alongside their workout routine to achieve the bodies of fitness they desire. For such individuals, it is not uncommon to patronize companies like suomiarvostelut to obtain the nutritional input they require.


For a large number of individuals who just require that fitness and exercise be easily accessible to them in the comfort of their homes, rather than visiting a traditional gym, various companies such as Fit Cuffs and many others also offer a variety of exercise equipment which can be conveniently placed in the home or used to develop a home-gym to incorporate health and fitness routines into personal and family lives.

The below are a list of some of the gym equipment to have in your home


Dumbbells are used in weight training, mostly to exercise specific muscles in the body like the abs, the forearms, etc. Today, some dumbbells leverage technology, thereby eliminating the need to buy several dumbbells by combining several weight sets into one piece of equipment. They might also be fitted for the user to select his/her choice weight. An example is the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable, designed to be efficient with space, designed and molded to provide contour grip to make it easy to hold in any position.



Walking and running are exercises that will be around forever, so little wonder the treadmill was invented to help people simulate walking, running while counting their steps. The health benefits of treadmills include improved cardiovascular health which is not only good for the heart but reduces the likelihood of other diseases such as diabetes, stroke, etc. Treadmills also help in keeping the joints flexible, while providing a full-body workout. Some are designed to work with Bluetooth, so an individual can receive calls, play music, and get on with life while working out.


Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is used to simulate the biking experience, and provides a high-intensity aerobic workout for the abs, core, legs, back, and arms. It also enhances muscle strengthening, joint health, overall toning, and wellness of the body. Due to the pressure of daily living, and sometimes, the urban nature of our societies, some people might have to choose the option of a stationary bike instead of the traditional bicycle, as this offers not just convenience, but the option to plan and incorporate biking into a large number of lifestyles. 


Push-Up and Pull Up Bars

Push Up and Pull up bars are two types of equipment that are important for upper body exercise, helping to challenge gravity while ensuring the maintenance of good posture and form. Apart from the fact that they take up little space, these equipment are essential for people looking to strengthen their core and wish to avoid rug burns or injury from hardwood.


Yoga Mat

Before the men begin to sneer that the yoga mat is more of a women’s product, kindly remember that yoga is practiced by all genders, with the benefit accessible to all. It also serves as a wonderful surface to minimize injuries, burns, and tears as you try those tricky maneuvers, aiding accuracy and is designed to provide anti-skid surfaces for your workouts. 


The list is by no means exhaustive, but we have chosen the best equipment that can be combined to provide a total body workout routine, or used individually for the immense benefits they can offer. We also ensured that the list includes space-efficient products that can fit into several lifestyles and home designs. We’re wishing you a fit and healthy life.