When your body makes it difficult to exercise

Coach Pat of Jax Fitness Academy joined us to discuss aches and injuries that can stand in the way of proper exercise. Here are his thoughts:

Shin splints are no fun. If you run, play a sport or hike you know exactly what I’m talking about .

That dull aching pain on the front of your leg that makes walking feel unstable and painful.

It’s debilitating, and incredibly frustrating. Shin splints can happen for a variety of different reasons like: Poor running mechanics, Bad fitting shoes, Muscle imbalances, Poor foot strike, or Lower body weakness.

Regardless of WHY they happen there’s something you can do to keep them at bay. Strengthen your tibialis anterior. That’s the big muscle that runs along your shin. If you lift your toe toward the ceiling you’ll see it flex.

Luckily this movement is simple enough to do anywhere, and you don’t need any special equipment. Just your feet, a wall and the floor. FOR HIP FLEXOR: (I think this will be easier to demonstrate and more applicable to your audience) Everyone wants to know how to stretch their hip flexors. But the truth is that our hip flexors aren’t always tight. Sometimes they’re weak.


Actually, more often than not they’re weak, and that weakness is manifesting as a “tight” sensation.

See, the body’s weird. And the place we feel tightness isn’t always where the actual problem occurs. Your body is an interconnected masterwork of engineering. So most problems are more complicated, and deeply layered than meets the eye.

Now, I’ve known people who stretched their hip flexors every day for years and years. And their hips never felt any better. They still woke up with cobwebs in their hips. They still felt tight every day.

Because the tightness wasn’t the actual problem. The weakness of the muscles was. And when you use a simplified solution to address a complicated issue you only get momentary relief.

Luckily that’s very easy to do, in fact you can sit on the ground as soon as you’re done reading/watching this and start.

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